This weekend brings the return of one of THE nerdiest events of the season, New Scientist Live, that’s taking place this coming weekend from September 28 to October 1.

The festival of ideas and discovery will be talking Cosmos, Earth, Humans, Technology, and Engineering, as speakers such as Tim Peake, Heston Blumenthal, Chris Packham and Margaret Atwood talk ideas and innovations across the four-day event.

Some topics include:

  • What happened at the Big Bang?
  • How can we use machine learning to understand human intelligence?
  • How can maggots and genetics be used to solve crimes?
  • Extreme language: how did humans evolve complex spoken language?
  • How can we use maths to create original music?
  • Can geoengineering solve climate change?
  • Could the Red Planet become a travel destination?

Taking place at London’s ExCeL, New Scientist Live will see more than 120 talks across all areas of human life and attempting to answer some of life’s biggest questions. There’s also a pretty massive guest list too which attendees of all ages are able to hear from. Not only that, the festival will be full of stands from the likes of Curiscope, Hack the Senses, and much more.

Attendees will also be able to take part in several activities from petting scorpions and other creepy crawlies at the Bug Petting Zoo, Drone Combat, the ability to sequence and take home your own DNA, and plenty of Virtual Reality experiences.

To find out more about New Scientist Live as well as purchasing tickets and finding out what days certain people are speaking, head on over to the show’s website.

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