Bandai Namco have released a bunch of new screenshots for their upcoming Dark Souls-like action title, Code Vein. Some additional gameplay details have also been unveiled.

The new screenshots take a look at various aspects of Code Vein from its battle system which offers several different ways for players to get ahead. The first feature is The Gift system which has players choose up to eight “gifts” to temporarily increase attack and defence. The second is the Stamina Gague, which not unlike Dark Souls, is depleted for every attack, defence, and dash technique used.

Another feature is The Focus System which temporarily increases character abilities during battle and is most effective when being surrounded or dodging attacks giving players that added edge over the enemy. Finally, The Partner Action will give players a helping hand with the often mentioned Companions that’ll support players during the game.

The screenshots also highlight the game’s character creation screen where players can create their own protagonist through a series of gender, body, and hair styles. Speaking of characters, two new characters have also been unveiled.

First, there’s Louis, a young leader that’s helping Revenants suffering from bloodlust. He often ventures into the land of VEIN to find Blood Beads which work as an alternative to human blood. He comes equipped with a one-handed sword and armour time Ogre. Next there’s Io, a female Revenant who explores along side the player’s character, she has no memory of her past but knows VEIN like the back of her hand.

Check out the screenshots below:

Code Vein will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2018.

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