Square Enix has announced that Nier Automata has hit the 2 million sales mark.

NieR Automata has shipped an impressive number of units considering it only released this March. I’m sure this comes as especially good news to its developers as the prequel, simply named NieR only managed to sell a little over half a million in the seven years since it came out.

Its success could be a sign of things to come. It was a pioneer of what some are calling Double A games. That is a game made with a smaller budget but also with a smaller scope so the developers can focus on its core mechanics rather than trying to throw everything in with super realistic graphics to boot. Could this, along with Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice inspire other developers to limit their scope and instead create focused, high quality games? I certainly hope so.

Despite the sales performance, one thing remains to be seen. Will Platinum Games ever patch the PC version? The PS4 version has been patched since release and there were minor patches on PC but many players still have complaints of bugs and unstable gameplay that really should’ve been fixed by now. Fortunately a lone modder put together the FAR mod, which comes highly recommended for anyone wanting the best experience on PC. While it doesn’t fix bugs it does improve visuals and performance.

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