A Nintendo Switch Compatable 400GB Micro SD Card Announced

400GB from something the side of a large fingernail. Bonkers. The mentalists over at SanDisk have created this little titan, and best of all, its going to be compatible with the Nintendo Switch!

Some were notably annoyed by the Switch only shipping with 32GB of internal storage, and the only form of expansion being through the Micro SD format. Thankfully, with technology hitting new levels of silly by the day, Micro SD no longer means small storage.

The new storage solution from SanDisk is set to launch this Autumn, and boasts 100MB/s read speeds, and while intended to be marketed at the phone and tablet market, the Switch has support for up to 2TB of storage via the micro SDXC format, making this the perfect solution for all those appalled by the prospect of changing cartridges and cards.

The luxury wont come cheap however, set to release for a heart stopping $249, which is near enough the same as the Switch itself! You do get yourself a 10 year warranty though, happy days!