New Trailer for Oddoworld Soulstorm Released

Following the 2014 remake of the original Abe’s Oddyssey, Oddworld Inhabitants will be reimagining the second in the series as Oddworld Soulstorm. Now we get our first look at it.

The trailer is in black and white, showing the Mudokans being put into what looks like a concentration camp with text over the screen implying that they’re dying in gruesome ways as a result of experiments being done on them.

Though the Oddworld games have always had a somewhat dark tone to them, Soulstorm looks to be turning it up to 11 with this one. We’ll have to wait until they show us more of the game to see if Soulstorm also incorporates the more light hearted side of things the Oddoworld series is known for.

You can check out the opening sequence below.

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