Iceberg Interactive’s Oriental Empires is now available on Steam. It’s a turn based grand strategy game set in China. The game takes clear inspiration from other 4X strategy games, such as Civilisation, as the player controls their dynasty through the ages against a host of other nations scrambling to become the most powerful.

Players will start as a single Chinese tribe and will have to build, expand and advance in order to get the edge on their opponents. There are several different tech trees the player will need to research, each unlocking different types of technologies to assist them in their rise to power. You can build armies to conquer your neighbours, or diplomacy to become their allies.

All of this will sound very familiar to veterans of the genre, but Oriental Empires does have a few tricks up its sleeve. It features a battle system where the players can plan how they will use their armies and then watch it unfold in detail before them. The smaller scope it has compared to Civilisation also means it gets to focus on the atmosphere of the setting. The game promises to be rich in Chinese designs and history, and seeks to emulate the real-life struggles of Chinese Emperors and Mongol warlords.

Additionally, the game has a multiplayer mode where up to 16 players can compete to become Emperor. This will no doubt be very fun, as you can choose to be allies with one of your mates only to stab him in the back at the last minute, his frustrated swearing sweet music to your ears.

The game has been on early access on Steam for the last year, so it is nice to see another developer actually deliver on their promises. Iceberg Interactive have worked on a slew of hits on the PC gaming marketplace, the ever popular Killing Floor among them.

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You can purchase Oriental Empires on Steam for the standard retail price of $29.99, with 20% off on its launch week.

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