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Overwatch’s Junkertown map Available Next Week


Overwatch’s Junkertown map Available Next Week

The latest map to come to Overwatch is the Junkertown payload map and it will launch on 19 September. Players in the PTR on PC have had a chance to play for the past few weeks.

As well as adding a new payload map to the game (and we all love a Payload map, don’t we?), Junkertown will also add more lore to the game. Roadhog’s and Junkrat’s backstory will be developed further as a result.

Junkertown arose from the ashes of an omnic settlement created by the Australian government. The indigenous people of the settlement (solar farmers such a Roadhog) fought the omnics for control of the settlement and in the process Junkertown was born. A shell of the town it was before, but a testament to the battle between omnics and humans.

Blizzard also revealed more information around the work that goes into creating a new map. The team visited a ghost town for inspiration and to capture sound effects that would eventually be used in the new map.

While unconfirmed, it is also possible that Blizzard will use this update to put their recent Mercy changes live on consoles and PC. No doubt those who don’t follow the PTR closely will get a shock when Mercy’s ultimate ability changes.

We’re looking forward to getting on the payload in a completely new map next week.

Junkertown launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC on 19 September.