PIKUNIKU Announced for Nintendo Switch

Devolver Digital and Sectordub have announced PIKUNIKU a brand new deceptive dystopian adventure game set in a colourful, yet simplistic world.

This charming looking video game isn’t quite what it seems as behind this brightly coloured and playful world lies a dark conspiracy. Fortunately, Piku, our arm-less protagonist is here to help the townsfolk face fears and rebuild the community. What’s more, when things inevitably go wrong, nobody can die because they’re all invincible!

In the game players will be tasked with various bizarre requests from the townsfolk, solve puzzles, and experience the story at their own pace. There’s also a co-op mode where Piku can join his friend Niku in a local co-op adventure.

“During the course of early development it became clear that if we wanted to add in all the gore and violence that gamers crave it would cost a lot more money,” noted Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker. “And I’m not about to pay for more than I have to so get ready for vibrant colours and cute, invincible characters.”

Check it out in the trailer below:

PIKUNIKU is set to land on Nintendo Swich in 2018.