PLAY Expo Manchester Announces Ground-Breaking Indie Developer Initiative

The PLAY Expo at Manchester has grown to be one of the biggest gaming expos in England and this year they’re launching a new initiative to help indie developers get off the ground.

As indie gaming gets more and more popular in the mainstream scene PLAY Expo are taking big steps toward helping lesser known developers.

In a commendable gesture of goodwill they will be allowing certain indie developers to show off their games at PLAY Expo for free for the first time ever. This will make a huge difference for smaller development teams who maybe work for free or just don’t have the money to pay for booths, affording them a chance to get their name out there.

The PLAY Expo will be on this year from 14-15 October. Tickets can be bought here
Indie developers looking to take advantage of the free space should apply by filling in this form.

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