Trading is Still Coming to Pokémon Go Assures Pokémon CEO

The Pokémon Company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara has reassured that features such as trading and PvP battles are still planned for Pokémon Go.

Here’s the deal, Pokemon Go is a great game, however as a core Pokémon experience it’s lacking some features. Sure, we can catch, collect, and battle Pokémon, but the issue is that players are doing this all by themselves. Features such as trading and PvP battles are currently nowhere to be seen, and Niantic are remaining pretty quiet on the old topic.

Fortunately, Ishihara, in an interview with Bloomberg, has assured that these features are indeed coming.

“We’ve only accomplished 10 per cent of what Pokémon and Niantic are trying to do,” he said. “Going forward we will have to include fundamental Pokémon experiences such as Pokémon trading and peer-to-peer battles, and other possibilities.”

So that’s something, right? Well I guess so but we’re still yet to hear anything from Niantic, the developer behind the game. The latest new feature for the game is Niantic experimenting with invite-only EX Raids, a far cry from player battles or trading.

Apparently we’re expecting one of the two above features by the end of the year, though this is mostly from community speculation, among other things.