Returning for its second consecutive year, Power UP, the retro gaming experience, is to be hosted at London’s Science Museum October 20-31.

The event will feature 180 consoles featuring classics from 40 years of gaming, from Pong to PAC-Man, Minecraft to Mario, to create a fully interactive experience. Games will be playable in single player and multiplayer environments, as well as a chance to try out the latest virtual reality technology.

The event will be taking place over October half term, so expect the event to be hugely popular with families over the period. Each day is set to be split into 4 sessions, each lasting 90 minutes. Those who want to avoid the rabble of children will be able to attend late and evening sessions, October 25-27.

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Power UP will be running October 20-31, at the Science Museum London, held in partnership with the European Gaming League.

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