Deadbeat Heroes isn’t just a throwback to the old school brawler days, but also to the 60s and 70s. The old heroes are either dead or in hiding from a world of more advanced and dangerous super villains, things look dire for the residents of London but hope remains. Captain Justice is retired but he and his old friend set to recruiting new heroes, people born without powers and giving them access to a Power Gauntlet that allows them to borrow other peoples powers for a time.

Players dash from stage to stage frantically beating down criminals and saving civilians while listening to a funky 60s/70s soundtrack. Levels are broken down into scenes, similar to those found in the old comic movies, from police stations to warehouse to underground lairs. Combining acrobatic movement and explosive special moves you will be bringing down the bad guys and playing out your own classic hero movies in no time!

Deadbeat Heroes‘ design is characteristic to the 70s era and the comics it draws inspiration from, with bold colours and flat textures. Deadbeat somehow manages to cultivate a sense of modern nostalgia, blending old with new flawlessly into a fun 3D brawler. That being said, Deadbeat Heroes falls victim to a classic flaw with all brawlers when fighting multiple targets, it becomes incredibly tricky to keep track of everything, resulting in accidentally taking damage.

Preview: Deadbeat Heroes - n3rdabl3

All good comic books feature a team-up eventually and teaming up with friends makes all the difference here! Some enemies need to be distracted before they can be harmed, so getting your friend to bait them out so you can attack is way easier than attempting to do it all yourself.

Doing so also leads to some great team-up combos, bouncing enemies off walls and juggling them in the air! As mentioned above, the power gauntlets are able to steal a defeated enemies power for a limited time, but use if carefully as some of the more powerful enemies can only be damaged when stunned by special attacks or powers!

Deadbeat Heroes is not just a throwback, but a breath of fresh air into an otherwise stagnating genre. Not to mention it’s helping to revitalise the forgotten age of couch co-op gaming! It’s the kind of game that’s definitely better with friends all gathered around one TV, laughing, joking and playing together. In an age of online multiplayer it’s great to see some developers returning to their roots and bringing back the classic and more social elements of gaming!