During the latest Nintendo Direct, we got a look at new footage and details of Square Enix’s upcoming RPG Project Octopath Traveler. That is only their working title but it hints at how the game will play.

The game is a classic styled JRPG for the modern era and is being developed by the team that brought us Bravely Default. They’re calling the graphic style “2D-HD”, since it features a 3D world with pixel art assets. In this world there are 8 main characters each with different skills and play styles. This allows for multiple ways to complete quests. For example, there is the warrior type who can challenge almost any NPC in the world to a duel.

In the trailer we see the warrior using his strength to stop crime or get into a palace by forcing his way past the guards. We also see the dancer who can allure people to follow her around. That means finding lost people and bringing them back home or even getting other NPCs to fight for her in battle.

The battle system is reminiscent of Bravely Default’s. It is turned based, with your enemies on the left and your team on the right. Like Bravely Default the combat system allows you to forego attacking on a turn to buff your next attack or spell, or even chain specific moves to hit enemies in the right order.

The game will be released some time in 2018.

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