Crea-ture Studios have recently announced that their upcoming skateboarding game, Project: Session, is ditching the “Project” part of the name and officially becomes Session.

Those of us waiting for Electronic Arts to create another Skate game might have some hope on the horizon. Not necessarily from EA themselves but from Montreal developer Crea-ture Studios who have been developing their own skateboarding game for some time now.

Previously the game went under the name Project: Session, but earlier this week the studio revealed on their Facebook page that they’re ditching the “Project” part of the name. In addition, they shared a handful of new screenshots for the game which honestly look pretty spectacular.

Check them out below:

Over the past couple of months the developers have been pretty hard at work making this game a reality. When we caught up with them back in 2016, lead developer Marc-andré Houde talked about their hopes for the game as well as some of the struggles they’ve had to overcome over the past couple of years.

Fortunately thanks to an investment round from Canada Media Fund earlier this year, the developers are able to work on the game full-time. Recently the team had Julien Gagnon in for a full week of motion capture, videos of which they shared on their social media:

Nollie backside noseblunt. I'm like a kid in a candy store! 🍬

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“Julien Gagnon A.K.A. Julien ”Hang over but still fuckin consistent” Gagnon
for sharing his true passion for skateboarding and mad skills with us to make this shoot some sort of surreal data productiveness,” the developers shared on Facebook. “This homie has the biggest, gnarliest bag of tricks we’ve ever had chance to see with our own eyes and literally pulled over 2000 tricks in less than 16hrs.. WTF!?”

As for the future of the game, it looks like they are working hard to get some sort of demo or alpha out by the end of this year with a full release by 2018. We’re unsure right now whether the game plans to hit Kickstarter as per the original plan, we’ll keep you updated on any developments.

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