Well, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has finally done it. This past weekend PUBG managed to beat DOTA 2 with the most concurrent players on Steam ever.

As of September 16, DOTA 2 is no longer the most played game ever on Steam. Oh no. After months of Bluehole’s PUBG creeping up and stealing DOTA’s crown as the most played game on Steam over the past couple of months, PUBG finally stole the coveted record of having the most concurrent players ever.

This weekend saw over 1,349,584 players trying to win chicken dinner’s in the most popular Battle Royale game online at the moment, and the game hasn’t even launched out of Early Access yet.

Prior to this, DOTA 2 sat happily with a concurrent player record of 1,295,114, however as you can see PUBG has and continues to smash it, and persists in its growth month after month.

This of course is absolutely fantastic news for Microsoft who has recently jumped into a deal with Bluehole to become the publishers of PUBG on Xbox One when it launches into Preview in the coming months. Here’s hoping the game continues this momentum when it lands on consoles.

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