Changes Coming to PUBG; New Cars! Competitive Play!

During a recent reddit AMA, the PlayUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) creative director Brendan Greene took on a bunch of questions from the community. A lot of these were met with a ‘watch this space’, but a few were quite telling on what the future for PUBG might hold.

A recent issue with PUBG’s esports debut was the blue zone, specifically the fact that a lot of players just kind of… hid there, using first aid kits and painkillers to keep their health topped up while the rest of the player base killed each other. Whilst some people would consider this a valid way to play, it does seem like it goes against the general ethos of trying to get to the safe zone against all odds. Well, when asked about this, Greene did say there was a plan in place to make the blue zone ‘fairer’. He didn’t elaborate any further about this, but it seems like a slightly harsher punishment for remaining in the blue zone would be a good change at least for the esports events.

On the competitive scene, Greene said that there are plans for a competitive mode and that he would want to add some sort of progression system:

“We also want to add a character levelling system and weapon skill systems (that doesn’t effect gameplay) and other progression systems. We’ll have more info on these once we get a chance to fully plan them out!”

In other mega exciting news, today we got a glimpse of one of the three new vehicles coming to the game; the Love Bug! It’s got a striking resemblance to a certain Volkswagen model, but it’ll hopefully give us some cover as we’re careening over the hills. Personally I’ve wanted some new vehicles for a while, I’m hoping that an actual bus will come soon. Seeing all of those burnt out party buses around gives me hope.

Changes Coming to PUBG; New Cars! Competitive Play! - n3rdabl3

I’ve been super impressed with the communication from the PUBG developers, and the scheduled updates and additions have been well-measured and do usually add something significant to the game. What would you add if you had the chance? Leave a comment below!

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