Scrap Mechanic Creator to Publish Survival Game, Raft

Axolot Games, the creator behind Scrap Mechanic, have announced that they’re to publish Redbeet Interactive’s incredibly popular survival game, Raft.

Raft is a game where players are tasked with surviving being stranded on nothing but a raft and their wits about them as they try and navitage the open seas to find debris to make their raft a little more robust. Players can survive alone or with friends to build their floating homes and try and not get eaten by sharks.

The free alpha version of Raft has been downloaded from the game’s page 5 million times and has become pretty popular among YouTube and Twitch users.

“When we met Redbeet Interactive and heard what they wanted to do with Raft we were really impressed with their future vision for the game,” said Kacper Antonius, CEO of Axolot Games. “The love and dedication Redbeet have for Raft is really inspiring. Since we are both passionate about making survival games with building mechanics, we knew that we would be great partners.”

The game is already looking pretty neat and with Axolot Games behind them, I’m sure Redbeet Interactive will develop the game into something pretty damn fantastic.