It can be said that some anime have a pacing problems and can be accused of dragging out a small amount of story over numerous unnecessary episodes.

A good example of this would be Dragon Ball Z. To describe the overall content of Dragon Ball Z, it’s 90% screams and 10% story.

This summer I ended up purchasing the complete boxset for Robotech on DVD and as I slowly but surely work my way through them, it scratches my itch for space opera. We’ve had three issues so far of the Robotech comic series which re-tells the story of the anime almost beat for beat with a Battlestar/Batman Begins vibe.

And that’s kind of the problem, it doesn’t really add any anything. Like how IDW built its own history for Transformers and BOOM! Comics is taking it’s time with Power Rangers to break away from the shows rigid formula.

Though it must be admired of how efficient the storytelling is now that the crew of the SDF-1 is fully assembled and the battle against the Zentradi has begun.

The panels depicting space look great so the future space battles look epic. With all the places set with the conclusion of the first story arc, we may be finally getting to the whole point of this, an all-new take on this franchise.

With a long way to go from the other side of The Solar System and hints in the press about a big change, colour me interested.

I must admit, I’m kind of interested to see what they’ll do with lead hero, Rick Hunter and his bro Roy Falker relationship, with a hint of unease has got me baited. Next stop is Mars and with the bad guys hot on their heels, the crew of the SDF-1 might just be in for a shock.

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