Psyonix has detailed the Rocket League Autumn Update which is due to arrive on September 28 to all players.

The new update will bring a number of improvements as well as the end of Competitive Season 5 and the start of Season 6. As for new content, players can expect to find a new Autumn-themed arena called “Farmstead” which will be available across all matches. There will also be the addition of over 90 free new customisation items as Uncommon, Rare, and Very Rare.

As for personalisation, players will be able to set themselves new Player Banners which are essentially little colourful name tags for when you score a goal. They’ll have various different options available as well as little emblems such as pizza slices.

A number of little improvements are coming to the game including transparent Goalposts which make it much easier for goal keepers to keep an eye on the ball in-play. There’ll also be LAN support for PC players.

A new “Events” system is also coming into play which introduces limited-time events which let players earn additional customisation options. They’re also introducing a new item called “Dectyptor” which allows players to open those coveted crates without the need to buy a key.

Later in the year a new Party System will be introduced to PC players which they can test out, as well as a custom Tournaments mode where players can create their own tournaments inside the game.

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