There are many Saban IP that I don’t think will make it into comics that definitely should. Unfortunately though, I think reality will stand in the way and hamper it.

BOOM! Studios (The Lumberjanes and Irredeemable) have been publishing a well-received line of Power Ranger comics. The comic’s success has come down to the writers moving away from the rigid formula the show followed which usually went as follows:

  • Monster is introduced and is based on some kind of moral or event the Rangers are dealing with.
  • Foot soldiers attack and they fight unmorphed.
  • The Rangers morph and things get a little complicated.
  • The complication is resolved and monsters get bigs and then is destroyed.
  • The adventure helps resolve the event or moral the Rangers have been dealing with.

Moving away from this formula and away from the budget limitations and the nature of adapting footage from another TV show, you get more chance to breathe and tell more complex stories.

Of course with this kind of comic book revival, like Transformers or G.I Joe, the storytelling gets little more complex and in-depth and we get to see bits of continuity re-imagined at the writer’s whim. Much like The Combiners in Transformers and the introduction of Beast Wars, and the introduction of the Adventure Team in G.I Joe.

Like any long-running franchise, Power Rangers has enough back story to do this and maybe in the future, we’ll see the Power Rangers in Space or even Power Rangers Time Force. What I don’t think is likely to be written in are Saban’s other Japanese superhero adaptations.

You know what I’m talking about; VR Troopers, Masked Rider, and Big Bad Beelteborgs.

Why? Well, let’s break it down by franchises.

VR Troopers – A VR Themed show that merged overall four or six different Metal Heroes shows together (like Power Rangers but they wear suits that look like Metal) I think the rights and legal bits and bobs for this one are a bit of mess with parts of them expiring.

Plus, I don’t think it was ever that popular, I’m sure it had its fans but it wasn’t as popular as the Power Rangers.

Even though lead VR Trooper, Ryan Steel, was almost cast of the Gold Ranger in Power Rangers Zeo, he even voiced the Gold Ranger briefly and would’ve crossed the two franchises together.

Masked Rider – The creator of Kamen Rider, the show Masked Rider was based off, was so angry with the end result of the adaptation he revoked the rights. Despite an interesting story about how originally the show was part of the Power Rangers continuity but then got erased because Saban thought Power Rangers was on the way out, and boom… Masked Rider was the thing of the future.

Big Bad Beelteborgs – I loved the action figures, but like VR Troopers, the rights are all over the place and was it really that popular?

I’d like to see it and the allies that heroes hung around with were kind of fun.

Honestly I’d like to see all three somehow make into the comics. Would you? Let us know in the comments!

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