A new interactive trailer has been revealed for Middle Earth: Shadow of War showing the difference between friends, and foes.

In the trailer, which you can see below, we see Talion and his army of Orcs laying siege to a castle full of enemy orcs and dragons and gods know what else. The narrator tells us “the shadow of war spreads across over Mordor” and “blood will spill… on the choices you make because nothing will be forgotten”. Then we get to make a choice. The trailer pauses to show a courtyard with a friendly Orc pinned down, begging you to save him and a nemesis of yours on the other side, taunting you to fight. Which will you choose?

The events of the trailer give you a little taste of the game’s Nemesis system, wherein Orcs will remember all you’ve done. Choosing to save your friend means the powerful enemy will have a chance to attack you while you’re vulnerable. Leaving him to die might result in him changing sides and coming back to finish you off himself.

Try out the interactive trailer below and see where your choices take you.

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Middle Earth: Shadow of War will release worldwide on October 10 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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