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With the Summer of Smash over and done, seasons change, students go back to school, and Smash continues nevertheless.

This is Smash Tour.

  • What: DreamHack Montreal 2017Melee Singles and Doubles, Wii U Singles and Doubles, Street Fighter V, StarCraft 2
  • Where: Place Bonaventure, Montreal, Québec, Canada
  • When: Friday to Sunday, September 8-10
  • Who: Hungrybox, n0ne, The Moon, ChuDat, dizzkidboogie, Dabuz, Ally, Larry Lurr, ESAM ANTi
  • Why: DreamHack is as DreamHack does; the legendary esports festival strikes once again in Canda, and with it, excellent brackets for both major Smash titles, in addition to Street Fighter and StarCraft.


  • What: 2GGC: West Side SagaWii U Singles and Doubles
  • Where: Esports Arena, Santa Ana, CA
  • When: Saturday, September 9
  • Who: ZeRo, Nairo, Abadango, VoiD, Tweek, KEN
  • Why: The September Saga of the 2GG Championship has arrived; and it is a showcase of some of the best talent the West Coast could offer. From Konga in Washington, to Vash and FOW in Vegas, Braixen in Oregon, and more.


  • What: Emerald City VMelee Singles and Doubles, Wii U Singles and Doubles
  • Where: Intellectual House, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
  • When: Saturday, September 9
  • Who: S2J, Silent Wolf, Bladewise, Crush, Captain Smuckers, Ka-Master, Gimpyfish
  • Why: The return of the Emerald City series, one of Washington’s most successful regional events, touches down on UW this Saturday. Featuring all the best the PNW has to offer in addition to some stellar out of region talent for Melee, it’s looking to kick off with some hype. (And we’ll be there to document the whole thing and interview attendees.)


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