After months of teasing over social media, Jon Hare is back along side Combo Breaker, to release their Sensible Soccer sequel, Sociable Soccer, on Steam via Early Access next month.

The highly anticipated throwbach football game is coming to Early Access on October 12 and will give players a taste of the easy to play, hard to master gameplay the game was once known for. This time it’ll come with much better visuals along side the single player campaign, classic local multiplayer, and now, online multiplayer modes.

There’s also a 30,000 player card collecting online team mode also in the works, though that’s likely to come a little bit later.

“We’re hugely excited to be launching on Steam Early Access. This is the first step towards our vision of a new, truly cross-platform, online and offline football action game,” said Hare, also referencing the console, mobile and various VR platforms to follow. “Steam Early Access will help us to tweak gameplay, introduce more game modes and respond to fan feedback.”

A brand new trailer has also been released which you can see below:

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