New Sonic Forces Video Showcases Classic Sonic Stage

A new Sonic Forces gameplay trailer is here and this time we get a look at the Classic Sonic stage of Casino Forest Zone.

It wouldn’t be classic Sonic if there weren’t at least one area based on a Casino but a forest sure seems a strange place to put it. The visual style is different from what we’ve seen in older Sonic games, with a lot more greens and greys in the colour scheme, rather than the prevalent reds and blacks of other casino based Sonic levels.

In terms of gameplay it looks to play just like you remember. Pinball paddles to launch you into slot machines, bumpers to knock you about all over the place and springs to fling you up half pipes at high speeds. Sonic Forces looks to continue the trend started in Sonic Generations by bringing that high quality Sonic gameplay we all love into the modern day.

Check out the gameplay trailer here:

Sonic Forces is set to be released on November 7 for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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