Publisher of Stardew Valley is Cooking up Something New!

Stardew Valley publisher is working on a brand new game which has been described as Stardew meets Harry Potter.

Though it was released over a year ago, Chucklefish’s hit Stardew Valley is still massive among the gaming community. The farming RPG gained fame for it’s elements of exploration, soothing music and the customisation from a small, simple farm to lush and sprawling acres.

Now, it looks like Chucklefish has been working on an all new project! While there isn’t too much info on the game just yet, Finn ‘Tiy’ Brice (Chucklefish CEO) tweeted this back in August:


Tiy has hinted before to publication PC Gamer that this new RPG/Sim game will be an all new Stardew Valley meets Harry Potter, centering around a school of magic. Sounds pretty cool right?

What do you think about this all new game? Are you excited for a magic themed, Stardew-like game? Let us know in the comments down below!