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SteamWorld Dig 2 PC Release Date Confirmed

Just one day longer.


Despite previously saying that fans would have to wait a few days to play Steamworld Dig 2 on PC after the game releases on the Switch, it has now been confirmed that the wait will be less than this. The game will be available on PC on September 22 – just one day after the Switch.

Steamworld Dig fans without a Switch will be delighted that the gap between the launch dates is so short given that no date had previously been set for the PC version.

The original Steamworld Dig was met with widespread praise. The sequel will feature a larger world, no more procedural generation and you’ll play as Dorothy, the merchant who helped Rusty (the first game’s protagonist). The developer also previously said that the Switch version will support Switch exclusive features such as unique support of the Switch’s HD Rumble.

You can watch the trailer for the game here:

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The game will release on Nintendo Switch on September 21 and PC on September 22.

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