SWERY, mostly known for oddball detective game Deadly Premonition and episodic adventure game D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die has started a crowdfunding campaign on Fig to raise funds for The Good Life, which is billed as a “Debt Repayment Life Simulation RPG”.

The game follows a young woman called Naomi, a photographer who finds herself stuck in the quaint countryside village of Rainy Woods, the “happiest town on Earth.” With no Internet, no Starbucks and no pizza joints to be found anywhere, it’s a far cry from her hometown of New York.

Naomi’s suffering from crippling debt and must work hard to pay her way back home. In Rainy Woods there’s plenty for her to do; farming, fishing, milking cattle, shearing sheep and of course, taking photographs. The Good Life promises to include a comprehensive photography mechanic allowing players to feel like a real amateur photographer with changeable lenses, adjustable shutter speed, filters and even drones for aerial photography.

Despite its appearance, Rainy Woods is no ordinary town. Apart from the lack of any and all mod cons Naomi has to come to terms with… being a cat. For some unknown reason everyone in the village turns into a cat as the sun sets and upon its rising they turn back and lose all memory of their feline adventures. Being a cat comes in handy for Naomi as she can sneak around town and find new places a human couldn’t reach, allowing her to find objects and clues for quests she picked up during the day. Quests like finding out who’s been murdering everyone.

That’s right, The Good Life isn’t just about enjoying rustic country living, paying off massive debts and working towards being a pro photographer, there are crimes to be solved! Some madman is going around town sticking pointy things in people’s chests (possibly without asking) and Naomi better find out who before she becomes a victim. That means getting to know the colourful cast of townspeople who all have their own daily routines and agendas.

The Good Life sets itself up to be a mix between Majora’s Mask, Harvest Moon and L.A. Noire with cats thrown in for good measure. Whether it will live up to all it promises is yet to be seen but if you’re hopeful and want to send the devs your money or check out the trailers and details you can do so on FIG by clicking here.

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