The GOLF game that was recently found to be hidden in the Switch’s firmware was most likely put there as a tribute to Satoru Iwata, who was Nintendo’s former CEO and a programmer on GOLF.

The game on can only be unlocked in a specific manner. First of all, it’s only accessible on July 11, the date of Iwata’s passing. Setting your consoles date to July 11 won’t work unless it’s never been connected to the internet, unfortunately. So for most of us we’ll have to wait until next year to try it. Either that or buy a new Switch and don’t connect it.

To access the game you must turn the Switch on and when the home screen appears detach the Joy-Con controllers and then do this:

Imitating a gesture Iwata often did in his Nintendo Directs. Upon doing this, GOLF will launch and you can play away. It’s not known who put the game there but it is a sweet sentiment and loving tribute to a man who contributed immensely to gaming overall.

If you’re eager to see it, check out this video on YouTube showing it being unlocked and played.

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