Destiny 2 has only been out for a few days and already people are maxing out their Guardians. Here are the best ways to level your shit up!

To start, there are two ways of increasing your Guardian’s power and battle prowess. First is your character level. This is increased by gaining experience through killing enemies, public events, finishing adventures, or completing campaign missions. As your level increases you unlock subclass abilities and gain access to higher powered weapons and armour.

The second is your Guardian’s light level. This can be increased (or decreased) by equipping armor and weapons. It determines which enemies you can best in battle and just how combat-ready you are. Equip gear with a higher power rating and your light level grows; simple.

Your quest to bring your Guardian to the (soft cap) highest level will involve some grinding, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Simply completing campaign missions will give you a good chunk of experience, not to mention you get access to new quests and activities as well! However, certain campaign missions require a specific level, so you may need to take a break and participate in other events in the interim.

This leads us to Heroic Public Events. If grinding through the campaign isn’t your thing, this is the next best possible way to shoot your guardian’s level up.  While public events grant spiffy new items and experience, completing these with the heroic modifier on will not only give you a significant boost in XP earned, but will also give you wayyyy better loot!

To trigger this you must perform specific actions during the public events. Things like activating all the turrets or collecting all the scorch cannons will instantly kick things up a notch. Survive and you’re given an exorbitant amount of XP as well as some nice higher powered gear!

The other side of this is your Light Level. Increasing this, in my opinion, can actually be more beneficial than increasing your character level. Not to mention, with the right gear, its very easy to consistently move up.

The first and easiest way to increase this is simply by purchasing new gear and armour with your glimmer. Interacting with NPCs you meet on the various regions and planets you go to will give you the opportunity to purchase common gear. This gear has a max cap of 200 but it generally isn’t too expensive. Breaking down lower powered weapons and armour will give you a little extra glimmer if you’re coming up short.

Take a look at your gear and see what you have equipped that’s the lowest light level and replace these items first for the biggest increase. Replacing boots that have a power level of 83 for a pair with a power level of 130 will have a more significant impact on your Light Level than replacing an item that’s only a few points lower, like going from 90 to 92.

Turning in materials and tokens to the NPC’s on different planets will give you XP with them. If you earn enough XP they will gift you with Legendary Engrams! These mystery items will always give you a new piece of legendary gear that will have a significant impact on your Light Level.

After completing the main campaign and hitting level 20, its time to start grinding that power level. End-game content like Adventures, Challenges, Strikes, and Heroic Public Events will assuredly grant players with high powered gear.

Nightfall Strikes are a guaranteed cash cow in terms of great end-game gear.  Your Guardian must have at least a 250 power level to take on these challenging strikes. However, these missions grant players with the best loot outside of the Raids and Trials.

During your time with Destiny 2 you will surely gain Exotic Quests. Complete these special quests to earn exotic weapons which have a huge impact on the overall Light Level of your character. However, do NOT complete them unless you have a 260 power level or higher. Completing them in this way guarantees an Exotic weapon with a power level of at least 270 or more!

Finally, certain high end weapons and armour can only be earned by completing Crucible quests. Earn glory in Crucible matches and gain XP with respective NPC’s to earn this powerful gear.

Some of these may require more time and patience than others, but participating in a blend of these events and missions will ensure your Guardian can take on the toughest opponents in no time! For everything Destiny 2 related, n3rdabl3 has you covered!

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