Bethesda have released a brand new trailer for the highly anticipated horror action sequel The Evil Within 2. After getting a glimpse of the story and world at E3, Bethesda are showing off some gameplay this time.

The Evil Within 2 looks to improve upon its predecessor by making the combat more brutal and visceral. We see the main character Sebastian smash bottles over enemies’ heads, plunge his knife into their glowing pustules and ram his fist right into their faces! As if that wasn’t enough we get a little hint at environmental interaction in the combat too. Sebastian lights up the oil on the ground to set a monster ablaze, then later electrifies some grotesque creature, stunning her so he can fill her with lead.

We also get a few more hints about the plot. A new unnamed villain appears, teasing Sebastian about his lost daughter. Who is this man? What’s he doing with Sebastian’s daughter? We won’t know until the game comes out on October 13 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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