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The Indie Fix – Archimoulin


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In this week’s Indie Fix we introduce to you a stylized platformer, Archimoulin. Created by Nicolas Dubac and his team, this 2D animation meets 3D environment platformer looks fantastic. The blending of the two art styles delivers a bright, painted world full of life and style.

Currently the game is still in early access, so there is only a 15 minute demo available. It follows a young lad as he scales the worlds largest, most intricate mill I’ve ever seen. Your goal? Collect ingredients to make the most delicious birthday cake for his mother.

Aesthetically, this game is perfect for mindless fun. You start on the base of the mill and work your way up and around it’s winding, intersecting architecture collecting things from eggs to beats. Who puts beats in a cake I don’t know but perhaps its the secret ingredient we’ve all been missing?! Anyways, while the task is simple, what is delivered to us is a mechanically sound platformer that shows promise for the full game.

The animations for the characters are fluid. The environments pop with pastel colors, and from a technical point of view, everything works well. Even though its only a demo, I encountered no real issues with gameplay.

The only harsh transitions came from the boy climbing a ladder to walking again. He kind of just glides across the ladder horizontally until the animation switches back to running. Honestly, thats just nit-picking though. Aside from that the game is most enjoyable.

Now, I’m sure some of you may find this to be a childish game, and that may be so, but sometimes you just need a fun, mindless platformer that lets you jump on chickens to bring a smile to your face. Keep an eye out for this talent small team, they’re destined for big things!

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