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The Indie Fix: BOXGAME

Falling for this game hard.

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BOXGAME is a clever 3D puzzle game that will keep you entertained for a good long while.

You play as a stick man trying to navigate a 3D structure (initially a cube but the shapes get more complex as the game goes on) and find the door to complete the level. In theory, the game shouldn’t take very long at all, but the difficulty level is so high – especially at the later levels – that you could easily spend hours obsessing over how to beat them.

The rules are simple. You can only navigate around the outside of whatever shape you’re playing on and you can only move backwards, forwards and up by jumping. The puzzle element is introduced through the clever use of gravity. The cube will reorient itself to you as you move around it. What does this mean in practice? Well, it means that you could be stood on a ledge now that you’ll later be stood on but from the other side. What would have before looked like someone stood upside down, now looks the right way up to you.

As you progress through the game you also must avoid certain hazards which will instantly reset the level. Different coloured spike walls, barriers that you need to circumnavigate, endless looped falling and keys that unlock the door to complete the level all add another layer of challenge to an already tricky game. It’s a challenge, and the 15 levels the game presents you with could take you anywhere from 30 minutes to hours to finish depending on your skill level.

For a small developer, it’s a very polished game. Everything looks slick and I didn’t come across any bugs or issues. The stick man is cool and the level design is excellent. At no point did I feel overwhelmed by a level – I always knew that beating it was achievable, and it would just take one more go (or ten depending on the level…).

Overall, BOXGAME is a great way to kill some time, so long as you don’t mind being stressed to bits in the process. It’s slick, fun to play and a testament to the dedication of the team that worked on it.

You can download BOXGAME here.

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