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We’re stepping away from our usual formula this week to share with you a pretty stand-out game which is making waves in the indie scene.

The Painscreek Killings started out as a project by the Las Vegas indie devs from EQ Studios back in 2014 and now this fresh new horror game has just dropped on Steam today, ready to satisfy all mystery and horror lovers.

It’s the 1990’s and you play as a journalist named Janet, who receives an assignment from her editor to enter the deserted town known as Painscreek. Your job is to investigate this fictional US town where a number of unexplained murders have taken place and weird supernatural sightings have been reported. Through exploring this semi-open world town, you must figure out what might have went down.

The hyper-realistic visuals in the game are seriously well done and attention to detail incredible so it’s no surprise that being painstakingly observant will be an important skill that you must use throughout your investigation.

While watching one of the trailers, which shows the empty town with several different buildings and homes to enter – all seemingly empty – I couldn’t help but getting shivers and that ‘someones-watching-me’ sensation. If that was just the vibe given off by the trailers, I can’t even imagine the creepiness levels going off in-game.

The Painscreek Killings feels like a realistic 3D game of Clue for the PC. Was there a gun shot in the cemetery or was there a cover-up in the hospital? Did something sinister happen in one of the eerie vacated mansions? Looking at all the different locations opens up a ton of possibilities and the game begs you to explore every nook and cranny to find the answers whether that means crawling up to a dusty attic, trudging through an old cemetery, walking through a dark hospital or even finding your way down into the murky sewers.

The game lends you a ton of useful tools to aid you in your sleuthing, including a place to keep all your inventory organized, a place to take notes of your suspicions and clues and a handy camera to take photographs. While note-taking is a pretty typical thing in most mystery-filled games, I thought the camera was a really cool edition and something I rarely see in games like these.

For fans of games like Folklore, Outlast and Layers of Fear, where the horror is heavily found in atmosphere and tone, The Painscreek Killings is a game that seems to only hint at the possibility of supernatural entity which grabbed my attention even more. Honestly, the fact that I feel so in the dark about the background of the story is what makes it an even more enticing game to pick up. Whether the mystery reveals a crazed human or some form of ghost, demon, banshee or whatother, I’m really excited to get my hands on this game!

The Painscreek Killings was officially released today – September 27th 2017 – and is having a great deal over at Steam for the first week of it’s release. With the 10% discount, the game comes in at $19.79 but the offer ends October 4th so snatch this game up while you can and don’t miss this chilling PC adventure!

Check out the trailer below if you’re not already convinced —

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