Children of the 90’s rejoice The Magic School Bus is returning! Netflix recently released a teaser trailer for a new show entitled The Magic School Bus Rides Again.

The teaser features an updated animation style with the same cast of characters as the previous series, shouldn’t they be in their thirties by now? There does seem to be one change to the formula though, Ms. Frizzle will no longer be the class’s teacher, sort of. Instead the children will be taught by the former Ms. Frizzle’s younger sister Ms. Fiona Felicity Frizzle, voiced by Kate McKinnon.

The reasons for the change aren’t entirely clear… *spinoff*.  Sorry my keyboard has a cold.  The teaser ends with everyone’s favourite teacher being named, Professor Frizzle and Lily Tomlin’s voice saying, “our adventure begins.” Tomlin’s character has apparently earned a degree, which makes sense as she puts most primary school teachers to shame. It’s unclear what role the professor will play in the new show or if she’ll get her own spinoff, time will only tell.

Along with the Frizz’s new title comes a cover of the old theme song, originally performed by Little Richard, now revitalized by Lin-Manuel Miranda. I must admit, as an adult the, “you might get baked into a pie” line has some morbid connotations.

The class seems to be going on similar adventures as their past iterations, but perhaps they’ve been updated with new educational information. Or maybe we’ll finally learn what crazy science powers that magical bus, my bet’s on nuclear fission. Regardless, having a good educational show might be good for a new generation of kids.

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Episodes of The Magic School Bus Rides Again will be available on Netflix September 29.

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