Geek & Sundry have partnered with Dark Horse to bring the world of Critical Role to comics, and it’s available now.

Are you a fan of Critical Role? Do you find yourself binge watching old episodes to indulge in every sweet morsel of information you can get on your favourite characters of the adventuring, Vox Machina? Perhaps you want to know about the countless misadventures of Scanlan Shorthalt before he became the Meatman or what harrowing situations the half-elf twins got themselves in before meeting their friends and finding love, no not with each other! Well, my friends Darkhorse and Geek and Sundry have given us something extraordinary, the Critical Role comic book.

The book takes place prior to the SHITS, I’m sorry, Vox Machina meeting. They had a name change somewhere in the middle of their career. The initial news of the project came from this year’s San Diego Comic Con, where it was also announced that Matt Colville, a popular D&D Youtuber, would be writing the series and Olivia Samson, a fan, would be providing the interior art for the book. It looks like critters will finally get a look at our intrepid heroes before they made it big.

The first issue of Critical Role Vox Machina: Origins is out now on Dark Horse Digital and looks like it focuses on the twins Vex’ahila and Vax’ildan, oh and Trinket of course.

For those who don’t know what Critical Role is, I’m unsure why you read this article, but you need to go to and watch over 400 hours of the show, should be easy enough.

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