The Official Trailer for The Man Who Invented Christmas is Here!

The official trailer for the upcoming Charles Dickens’ take, The Man Who Invented Christmas is here, and it’s pretty feel-good.

If you ever had to take a British lit class, you probably heard the phrase, “Charles Dickens invented Christmas,” at least once from your professor. Charles Dickens is commonly credited as the man who invented (the modern) Christmas, thanks to his stories which popularized now-common Christmas traditions, such as elaborate decorations, parties, feasts, and gift-giving.

Most famous of these stories is, of course, A Christmas Carol.  Mickey Mouse has done it, the Muppets have done it, the middle school in your home town probably does a version every year, and so on. So, what makes this adaptation special?

It’s about the man behind the book. The trailer shows Dickens, played by Dan Stevens, struggling with writer’s block and finally finding inspiration in children’s ghost stories and a rude upper-class gentleman. His characters begin appearing to and interacting with him, and it seems that he begins to live out his own version of his now-beloved tale as he becomes embroiled in writing it. The backdrop for the film appears to be a historically accurate picture of Victorian culture, complete with sumptuous costume and set design, and an accurate portrayal of Dickens’ fantastic hair.

The film comes to theatres on November 22.  You can watch the trailer below.

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