Check out the gadgets and gizmos on the latest starship to hit our screens as The Orville sets out to explore space and tickle our funny bones!

Though this 360-degree look isn’t as amazing or childhood-dream-fulfilling as the point of view VR tour you can take of the Enterprise, and Trekkies will know that if you want to go Warp 9 one day and get full whack holo decks you’ve got to start at Warp 1 and work your way up.

I mean check out the humble beginnings Starfleet had in Enterprise, most Trekkies try to forget Enterprise, but it still stands.

Anyway, The Orville is a project headed up by Family Guy MVP, Seth MacFarlane who can basically ask for anything from Fox since that show has done so much for that network. Obviously, a parody of Star Trek and other space operas MacFarlane grew up watching it’ll probably fill the void on TV where we have no space ship fun going on.

So take a wander around the bridge and check out the spiffy uniforms the crew will be wearing:

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The Orville begins its maiden voyage on October 9 make sure you set your Phasers to watch.

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