Live Action Tokyo Ghoul Trailer Released

The teaser trailer for the English release of the live action adaptation of Tokyo Ghoul has been released this week. Please follow the link below to find out more.

The trailer does not give too much away about the final product, beyond setting the tone and giving us a few glimpses of the main characters. For those are not aware of the original, Tokyo Ghoul  is an astonishingly popular manga about a young man named Ken Kaneki who is out on a date with a beautiful woman.

Rather that be your usual bad date, where you cause a scene refusing to foot the bill or you suddenly become incontinent, Ken’s date ends when the lady tears his throat out. Ken is rushed to hospital, but soon discovers that the attack has made him into a half-ghoul hybrid.

Ghouls are predatory creatures that have to consume human flesh to survive, which Ken now must also partake in. It also wouldn’t be Japanese if it didn’t include strange powers that are probably also someone’s fetish, so ghouls also manifest extra appendages to help them murder their way through swaths of people.

Yeah… it’s a weird series.

The live action movie has already been released in Japan in July, receiving a mediocre reception in its native country. It has been quite the success financially, however, and that is sure to continue as the film meets its Western release.

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