Fans of Telltale’s Batman series will appreciate the new teaser trailer for the second episode of The Enemy Within season. The new episode, entitled The Pact, looks to feature: John Doe (AKA The Joker), Amanda Waller, and the eccentric yet brutal Harley Quinn. Oh.. and eye patch Alfred.

The episode looks to take place after the cliffhanger events of the previous episode. Bruce Wayne has been tasked with delving into the underbelly of Gotham city to find out who the Riddler was working with. In fact, Batman is only seen twice in the teaser; once on the rooftops with Waller and Gordon and at the end staring down… someone, I won’t spoil it for you.

Other than that though it seems to be a standard Telltale story driven affair, with Bruce being detective, Waller pulling leverage, and Harley smashing and shooting things.

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The Pact is available for download on October 3 and the physical season pass disc launches the same day.

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