Wes Anderson returns to animation for the new film Isle of Dogs and brings his dark quirkiness along for the ride.

The film is set in a future version of Japan which is plagued by sickness, pollution, and dogs. Fearing the spread of  “dog flu” the mayor of  Megasaki issues a quarantine and places all dogs on an island overloaded with trash, but the boy, Atari has plans to get his pet back.

The new trailer features striking and artistic animation pieces similar to that of the work seen in Anderson’s last animated film Fantastic Mr. Fox, though slightly more realistic as the dogs aren’t walking up-right. The similarities don’t end there either, as the new film seems to be using the same method of stop-motion puppetry seen in Anderson’s previous film.

The true highlight of the trailer is the long list of actors  lending their voices to the film. Bryan Cranston, Scarlet Johansson, Edward Norton, and Bill Murray’s voices were all heavily used in the trailer, but there are so many more. In addition to the long list of Western actors there will be several Japanese actors providing their talents, including the young film star, Koyu Rankin who voices the protagonist Atari.

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I am a big fan of stop-motion animation and I’m excited to see this one. Isle of Dogs is set to release in March of 2018.

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