At Berlin’s IFA conference, Micrisoft has announced details of an upcoming update to Windows 10 titled Fall Creator’s Update that’s set to arrive this October.

Coming worldwide on October 17 Windows 10 users can expect to find new ways for individuals and organisations to express themselves. This update is set to bring a number of features including Windows Inking, OneDrive Files On-Demand, a number of Gaming improvements, and much more.

Inking seems to be the buzz word of this update, as Windows Inking allows users to “ink” directly onto their PDF documents, as well as sharing their stories using videos, photos, 3D, and inking.

As for the gaming aspect, The Fall Creator’s Update is set to bring enhancements to Windows 10 Game Mode giving many games better access to a PC’s processing power as if it were an Xbox games console. To take advantage of this, Microsoft is once again reminding us what games will take advantage of this new mode, such as Cuphead, Forza 7, Middle-earth: Shadow of War and much more.

Improvements are also coming to Windows Defender as it becomes smarter and defends PCs against ransomeware, exploits, and malware better than before.

Finally, the biggest addition to this update is Windows Mixed Reality. Windows Mixed Reality essentially mixes real and digital worlds seamlessly together removing the limits of a mobile device. Windows Mixed Reality essentially has users using a headset to enter into these experiences and devices have been announced from  Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP and Lenovo, to name a few, with prices starting as loow as $299.


Windows Mixed Reality headsets start to become available on October 17 when the Fall Creators Update ships.

For those who want to ditch headsets, Microsoft will also deliver mixed reality through Mixed Reality Viewer where users can see 3D objects through or Paint 3D mixed into their surroundings through the PC’s camera or webcam, allowing for some very interesting experiences.

Plenty more information can be found out about the Fall Creator’s Update on the Windows Blog.

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