With the new game coming out in less than a months time, it is no surprise a comic adaptation has released to help get the hype train moving. While some adaptations may flop, Wolfenstein #1 embodies everything we love about our alternate nazi ruled future and comes out of their first issue guns blazing.

A quick few paragraphs to help readers who may not have played the newest Wolfenstein catch up to what is going on. The timeline doesn’t necessarily tell you (yet) just when this story takes place within the Wolfenstein timeline, but it is safe to say it picks up after the game. The first half takes time to set up what the Nazi regime has been up to. It primarily focuses on a heroine figure, the Professor, as she tries to protect and shelter the “degenerates”; pretty much anyone lacking white skin. The Sanctuary, as it’s called, is implied to be one of the last safe havens left in the U.S.

Obviously things don’t go right for too long. The Professor is in turn set down a rabbit hole, of sorts, with a mysterious crazed woman and her mechanical side kick. What’s clear is we certainly have not seen the last of them. We’re given some very interesting backstory on the Nazi side of things as we see their new Castle Wolfenstein assembled and raised from the depths of the ocean. While some serious Cthulu nods are given, it’s unclear just what mystical beings the Nazis are trying to mess with now.

And of course, what would Wolfenstein be without our favorite Nazi-slaying hero, B.J. Blazkowicz? Yes he makes his dramatic entrance, but I won’t spoil that for you.

The story, overall, sets up a promising story arc that hopefully will tie in to the beginning of the new Wolfenstein game. The writing runs with the clever Nazi- slaying banter we’ve become accustomed to in these games and does a good job of moving the story forward. Finally, the art direction is solid. while it doesn’t break the wheel, the art is clean and depicts great images of what we as readers are supposed to be seeing. The direction seems to change half way through which, I think, helped convey what I was seeing and reading happened in the past.

Fans of the games should absolutely check out this new story within the Wolfenstein universe. From the crazy story they’re setting up to the brutal carnage we’re used to, Wolfenstein #1 is a great start for what could turn out to be a truly fun series.

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