Following last week’s confirmation that Patty Jenkins will be returning to direct Wonder Woman 2, Warner Brothers have now announced that Dave Callaham will be the writer. This comes as some surprise, as while Jenkins is clearly attached because of her success in making the first Wonder Woman film, Callaham’s career is not quite as shining an endorsement.

Callaham’s filmography includes The Expendables and 2014’s Godzilla. While the Expendables movies were fairly… fun, I’m not sure that even the most ardent Stallone fans would say that they were well written. Godzilla, while having amazing special effects and a great performance from Bryan Cranston, had writing that was less than stellar.

Killing the only interesting character halfway through the movie and leaving us with people blander than a cardboard cutout of a bran flake is not great writing. Making the audience wish the giant radioactive monster would destroy a hospital just so we don’t have to see the protagonists annoying family anymore is a sign the screenwriter has failed to do his job.

Still not convinced that he has a poor track record? The man wrote 2005’s Doom.

Yes, that Doom movie. It had a writer, and that writer was Dave Callaham. The man who wrote Doom still gets to make Hollywood movies and earn a lot more money than you. Yes, life is very, very unfair.

Why Warner Brothers hired this man is not as big a mystery as it may seem at first glance. Callaham and Jenkins worked together on an adaptation of Jackpot that fell through in its production stages. Perhaps the two became friends, or maybe she thinks he would be a good fit for her sequel to Wonder Woman. Who knows? Patty Jenkins is definitely a talented director, however, as the Wonder Woman’s success can attest, so maybe we should have some faith in her decision making.

Still, we are in the early stages of the films production, as Wonder Woman 2 is not likely to start filming until next Summer. As we have seen a lot recently, companies like Warner Brothers and Disney are more than willing to drop people from their high profile movies, so a lot could change between now and the film’s eventual release.

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