On September 29 Microsoft will be shutting down Xbox Live Indie Games. This means that after the cut off date all those indie titles will be removed from the Xbox 360 Marketplace. However, players will be able to re-download any games they’ve already bought by accessing their download history on the Xbox 360.

Now would be a good time for anyone on the fence about indie games they’ve been looking at to shell out and get them before they’re gone. They don’t cost much and they each have an eight minute trial period.

Though the Xbox Live Indie Games program is closing its doors, Microsoft is not completely turning its back on indies. At E3 this year they showed off a plethora of indie games coming to Xbox One and the Microsoft Store on PC. On top of that they have launched the Creators Collection on Windows 10 and Xbox One.

Unlike the XLIB this will not be a specially curated marketplace but rather the Creators Collection is a place where anyone can get their independent games released easily on Xbox One and PC.

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