Highest Rated Superstars in the WWE 2K18 Roster

WWE 2K18 has been out for a short while now, and many are engaging in their quests to take home the title. To give you a bit of a helping hand to secure the belt here are the highest rated superstars you’ll encounter in the WWE 2K18 roster.

AJ Styles – 90

Once the initial shock of the Phenomenal One only being rated at 90 passes, you come to realise just what an achievement that is. Styles who’s been with the company less than 2 years, is rated higher than some of the rosters longest running members. Styles is regarded, even by those within the WWE, as one of, if not the greatest wrestler performing today, which does leave his rating of 90 feeling a little underwhelming.

Randy Orton – 90

it’s true, The Viper has seen a bit of a resurgence this year, with a Royal Rumble win and a run with the WWE title, the house of horrors. ok that last one was a joke, but he’s been putting in some good performances, worthy of a 91 rating though? not really. Maybe a few years back, but today it just feels a little strange to see Randy Orton rated above some of the companies greatest workers.

John Cena ’06 – 91

IT’S JOHN CENA!!! The face of the company was in his early days back in 2006, and was finding his feet to flourish up to the merchandise selling phenomenon he is today. Rated at 91, for this stage of his career seems to be a little extreme, but then you can’t drop the face of the company bellow 90 can you? (available in the collectors edition)

Kurt Angle ’06 – 91

YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK! Yeah that chant will forever be harsh on one of the greatest in the business. Showcasing the time before his departure from the company, the olympic gold medalist is holds a rating of 91, which sits about right for the peak of his career in WWE. (available as a pre-order bonus)

Goldberg – 92

GOLDBeRG, GOLDBERG, yeah we’re talking about Goldberg. Returning for one last run with the company, Goldberg made waves when he destroyed Brock Lesnar in blistering time, before demolishing Kevin Owens for the Unversal title. A rating of 92 seems a little steep for a superstar who wrestled about 7 minutes in the whole year, but when someone can destroy the Beast Incarnate, those numbers become a little more justified.

Batista ’10 – 92

The Animal, Batista is represented at the most dominant stage of his career, before he went off to Hollywood guarding the galaxy. Holding a rating of 92 does represent the dominant nature of this stage in his career, but again puts him above those who are arguably better workers. (available in the collectors edition)

Demon King Finn Balor – 92

The alter ego of one of WWE’s coolest assets, the Demon King Finn Balor has a rating of 92, significantly higher than that of his usual persona, to represent the added impact of the Demon’s possession. The rating is a little high, with the Demon probably better suited to sit level with AJ Styles, but I’d rather see Styles’ rated higher than the Demon rated lower.

Seth Rollins – 92

BURN IT DOWN! Seth Rollins made an impressive return this year after major knee surgery, and 2K have treated him to a rating of 92 to celebrate his return to the top of the card. It is certainly well deserved, although its a shame to see his Shield partner Dean Ambrose rated so far bellow.

John Cena – 93

DO DO DO DOOOOO, he back again! The face of the WWE has a predictably high rating in his current state on the roster, cementing his place as ‘big match John’. It’s certainly earned, Cena is still one of, if not the best worker in the business, but with the up-coming talent really hitting his level in matches, its a shame to see so few brought up to his level in game.

Brock Lesnar – 93

The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar is very, very deserving of his rating in WWE 2K18, with raw power and aggression, accompanied by his manager Paul Heyman, the current Universal Champion is destructive force standing in your way.

John Cena ’10 – 94

Boy has Cena cropped up a lot here for a man we can’t see. WWE 2K18 takes us back to the peak of the Cenation, with John Cena represented in all his muscular glory with a staggering rating of 94, making him the second highest rated superstar in the game. Do do do do? (available in the collectors edition)

Roman Reigns – 95 

Last but not least, the highest rated and certainly the most controversial choice is Roman Reigns, who’s caused a bit of an up-raw with his mind-blowing 95 rating, cementing him firmly at the top of the WWE 2K18 card. The rating is genuinely baffling, with Roman struggling to get over with the fans, and being overshadowed in performance by the likes of AJ Styles on a near weekly basis, sadly this pick only serves to highlight the lengths the WWE will go to to pitch Roman as a powerhouse.

WWE 2K18 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.