New Abandon Ship Gameplay Trailer Sails in

Fireblade Software have released a brand new gameplay trailer highlighting some more gameplay for Abandon Ship.

We’ve been following Abandon Ship for some time now, and the more we see of the game the more we want to get our hands on the game. In the latest trailer for the game we get to see how it’ll handle exploration and how it plays a part in the rest of the game.

As you can see in the trailer below, we get more of a glimpse of the classic oil-painted style that’s central to the game, so much so that each map is bordered by a picture frame to further add to that effect.

In the game, we’ll have to make some difficult choices, and balancing that risk with reward is present throughout the game not only in battles, but also in exploration. This balance will have you pushing your ship and crew to their limits as you complete events to unlock gates which hold vital supplies.

Take-on too much, and you’ll find yourself forced back to a port to repair or upgrade your ship, however you might not even make it that far as there’s every possibility you’ll be ambushed by a giant sea monster.

If this happens, you’ve got a choice to make. Go down with your ship and deal with dwindling health, or abandon ship for the lifeboat and hope your limited supplies will last long enough for you to be rescued.

Check out the latest gameplay trailer below: