Atlas Reactor Season 4, Anniversary Event Announced

Trion Worlds is celebrating the first anniversary of Atlas Reactor since being fully released, and oh boy have they achieved a lot. What’s more, with Season 3 coming to a close, it’s time to unveil Season 4.

Trion Worlds and Atlas Reactor will be celebrating the game’s first anniversary with an in-game event that’ll be rewarding players in a number of ways. By simply logging in, players will be rewarded with free frelancers, free skins, and free boosts. What’s more, everything in-game will be available at almost 50% off.

Details of what’s being discounted and how you can earn yourself some celebratory rewards can be found over on the game’s blog. The Anniversary event is currently underway  with a bonus Flux weekend taking place from October 6 to October 8, celebrations will eventually end on October 9.

Come October 10, Season 4 will begin which has been built with player feedback in mind. Season 4 will now be a much tighter experience than the past three seasons with an overall change to the format. In Season 4, players will find weekly missions instead of Chapter-aligned ones, where the lore will be presented weekly rather than through chapters.

Season 4’s theme is also around Trust, with players earning Trust-themed rewards and earn items which they may have missed out on in Season 1-3. Challenges are also being replaced with a new Alerts system where Alerts will randomly pop-up giving players limited time to complete these challenges and earn unique rewards.

Since launch, Atlas Reactor has been through a lot. Initially a premium title, the game switched to the free-to-play model, and has continuously received updates, the latest of which is the Fourlancer update which allowed players to jump into 1v1 matches controlling all four freelancers on their team.

What’s more, players have racked up an impressive array of stats which you can see in the year anniversary infographic:

Atlas Reactor Season 4, Anniversary Event Announced - n3rdabl3