Black Panther Swings in With a Trailer

It’s time to find what the coolest king in the Marvel Universe is getting up to as Black Panther becomes the next Marvel superhero to get his own Marvel movie.

We first met T’challa back in Captain America Civil War as he joined in the feud between Captain America and Ironman. The pieces were set into motion earlier than that when Andy Serkis (Gollum in the Lord of the Rings) AKA Ulysses Claw appeared in Avengers Age of Ultron as he was caught plundering Vibranmium a valuable metal only found in Wakanda.

So where is Wakanda? It’s a secret advanced African nation where T’challa is the new king after his dad was killed during the events of Civil War were Martin Clunes was introduced as the Phil Coulson for Black Panther franchise.

Under the guise of Black Panther, an ancient defender of the nation T’challa fights crime. Similar to Iron Man, Black Panther must face off against a villain who is a dark reflection of himself using advanced battle suits, the secrets of are a very highly guarded secret.

Do you think Black Panther will save the day? Of course, he will, but find out how he does it in February 2018.