Call of Duty WW2 Leak Reveals Info on Zombies and Loot Crates

Dataminers have been digging through all of the code included in the PC beta for Call of Duty: WW2 and have surfaced an absolute goldmine of information on the game’s zombies mode, perks, loot crates, and so much more.

The astronomical leak posted by reddit user that232guy reveals pretty much every detail about the game’s Zombies Mode such as the perks, camos, and loot crate contents, that’ll be available to players when the game launches next month. These loot crates, known as Zombie Crates, will include weapons, buffs, and perks.

Simply put, it looks like Sledgehammer Games are putting a lot of effort into the upcoming zombies mode, almost enough for it to be a completely standalone game.

The list is pretty extensive and you can find it all over on the reddit post, but I’m going to summarise a couple of things here. First, the debut Zombies map will be titled The Final Reich. This will be where players will begin their story, and presumably as DLC launches over the next year, more chapters will be revealed.

There will be a total of five classes for players to choose from; Offence, Support, Control, Medic, and Classic. Each of the four former classes will offer certain abilities during play such as unlimited ammo, zombie camouflage, and being zombie bait, however the Classic class will have no abilities.

There’s also a bunch of new perks coming to the game likely found throughout the map in perk machines. There’s your usual revival perk, but also a bunch of new ones which offer protection for the player.

Call of Duty WW2 Leak Reveals Info on Zombies and Loot Crates - n3rdabl3

It seems the class system is also coming to the zombies mode where players can customise their loadout with perks not unlike those found in the main game, such as quicker reloading, increased ammo capacity, as well as perks which increase the abilities of the four main classes.

The leak also revealed that daily challenges will be coming to the mode, as well player levels and a Prestige Mode for players who hit the level cap of 45. Consumables will also be making an appearance, which will appear in Zombie Crates. These consumables don’t have rarities, however they seem to have limitations on how you can use them in-game.

Consumables also come in the form Weapon Guarantees, Discounts – letting players get a cheaper rate at the perk machines; Keys, Power-ups, Special Weapons, and Weapons themselves.

These crates are unlocked using Jolts, which are likely earned in-game. Though it wouldn’t be too surprised if they offer the ability to pay for Jolt packs.

What’s disappointing is that Sledgehammer Games seem to be making it easy for players to pay their way through the game with the ability to get discounts on both Perks and unlocking new areas.

This is however information mined from the game’s beta, so there’s every possibility that some of this information could change, though with only a month until release, it’s looking increasingly likely that this is the final plan for Zombies.

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