Here’s a Closer Look at Dead Rising 4’s Capcom Heroes Mode

Capcom have released a brand new teaser trailer for the new Capcom Heroes Mode coming to Dead Rising 4.

A brand new mode will be coming to Dead Rising 4 this Holiday that’ll see Frank West take on endless waves of zombies as some of Capcom’s iconic characters, including X from Mega Man, Dante from Devil May Cry, Cammy from Street Fighter, and much more.

Capcom released a brand new trailer for this mode over the weekend which takes a look at some of these characters, including some surprising new ones, and some classic Dead Rising characters, including Classic Frank from Dead Rising.

Within the game, players will be able to grab these costumes from Arcade Cabinets throughout the game. “In addition to using the arcade machines, Frank can purchase some outfits from vendors and unlock others by finding collectibles hidden throughout the world,” Capcom said. “Players will also want to look for ‘Hero Training’ side missions which award outfit variants and upgrades.”

Capcom Heroes mode will be launching on December 5 along side the PlayStation 4 release of Dead Rising 4 titled, Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package. Xbox One and PC versions of the game will also receive the new mode as a free update.

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